Remember, orders over $75 (for most items) qualify for free shipping (domestic only)

-- For 2 or 3 day $10 expedited shipping, input "FASTSHIP" into the coupon code box below and click "apply". DO NOT input it into the comments section on the next screen. We will ship within 24 hrs (except Saturday orders, which go out Monday) and provide USPS priority 2 or 3 day shipping. Again, FASTSHIP goes in the coupon code below. If you put it on the Comments section, it will not be expedited. If your order is less than $75, the system will still charge the normal $6.50 shipping fee, however we will remove that charge prior to shipping.

-- We don't offer back orders. Our system is setup such that if we don't have a product in stock, it won't add to your cart. However, in rare cases, due to the very high volumes of mostly small things going in and out of our doors, the inventory gremlins mess up our counts. So if your order is missing an item, we will refund you for that item and indicate it on the packlist. If you email us, we can likely tell you when more are due back in stock so you can plan your next order.

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