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Fulling Mill 36040 Streamer Stripper Ahrex 122 Nordic Salt Light Stinger Hook Partridge Universal Predator
25 Pack. Large gap, streamer hook Black Nickel, small barb, wide gape, 18 pk. Wide gape micro-barbed, strong predator hook for all freshwater, estuary and saltwater applications.
Partridge Saltwater Shrimp Hook Partridge CS52 Sea Prince Hook Partridge Universal Predator X
Special hook specifically designed for saltwater shrimp imitations and short streamer patterns. Thoroughbred hook for all saltwater species. Smaller sizes suitable for seabass and bone fish. Wide gape, micro-barbed, heavy weight, X-Strong predator hook for all freshwater, estuary and saltwater applications.
Gamakatsu SL12S Big Game Hook Gamakatsu SL45 Bonefish Hook Gamakatsu SC15 Wide Gap Saltwater Hook
Beefy hook for beefy fish. Pike, Bass, Musky, Tarpon, Billfish, Lions, Tigers and Bears...oh my. Smaller sized bonefish hooks Shrimp, Small Tarpon Flies, Tube Fly Trailer.
Daiichi 3111 - Black Ace Salt Water Hook Daiichi 2546 - Salt Water Hook Daiichi X452 - Salt Water Hook
Daiichi 3111 - Black Ace Salt Water Hook. Black, O’Shaughnessy bend, beak point, 2X-short shank, straight eye, forged, reversed. Good for saltwater, salmon, and steelhead flies. Salt Water, O'Shaughnessy bend, straight eye, stainless steel; Uses: saltwater fly patterns; Sizes 3/0 to 6. Pack of 10 to 20 fly tying hooks, depending on size. A saltwater fly tying hook made of ultra high carbon steel with a O'Shaughnessy bend, and a straight-eye. Forged with an XPoint for the ultimate hook penetration. Great for tying saltwater patterns.