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Partridge Authentic Czech Nymph Partridge Attitude Extra Streamer Partridge Attitude Streamer
Authentic Czech Nymph Heavy competition hook. Barbless Wide gape, microbarbed predator hook capable of holding feisty species on still waters, rivers, estuaries and open water. Wide gape microbarbed strong predator pattern with a long shank for all estuary, still water and tidal applications.
Partridge NTS Nordic Tube Hook Partridge Universal Predator Partridge Saltwater Shrimp Hook
Modified Sproat bend, wide gape, x-strong hook, ideal for salmon, sea trout and steelhead tube patterns. Black Nickel Finish / Straight-Eye. Wide gape micro-barbed, strong predator hook for all freshwater, estuary and saltwater applications. Special hook specifically designed for saltwater shrimp imitations and short streamer patterns.
Partridge CS52 Sea Prince Hook Partridge Patriot Ideal Dry - Barbless Partridge Universal Predator X
Thoroughbred hook for all saltwater species. Smaller sizes suitable for seabass and bone fish. Barbless & "Captain Hamilton" bend with longer shank for upwing and loop-wing patterns.  Barbless Wide gape, micro-barbed, heavy weight, X-Strong predator hook for all freshwater, estuary and saltwater applications.
Partridge Nymph & Pupa Partridge Grub & Chironomid Partridge Czech Nymph - Fine
Partridge Nymph & Pupa
Our Price: $6.25
A curved up-eye medium wire hook design, especially effective for shrimp, caddis, pupae and other emerger imitations.  Barbless Standard wire hook ideal for patterns such as buzzers (chironomids), grubs, shrimp, curved body and emerger patterns Czech nymph competition hook. Great for emergers.  Barbless
Partridge Klinkhamer X-treme Partridge Jig Hook
Partridge Jig Hook
Our Price: $6.25
An even more accurate design of the original famous Klinkhamer hook. The extra bend at the eye lends to more accurate proportions to the original pattern. Barbless jig style hook.  Barbless