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Fulling Mill 5115 Heavyweight Grub Hook Barbless, Black Nickel Fulling Mill Czech Nymph, Barbless Fulling Mill Ultimate Dry Fly Hook, Barbless
Super strong, heavy wire, barbless, 50 pack 50 Pack. Czech Nymph, Barbless. Nymphs & Emergers 50 Pack. Ultimate Dry Fly Hook, Barbless
Fulling Mill Grab Gape Hook, Barbless Fulling Mill Heavyweight Champ, Barbless Fulling Mill Nymph Hook, Barbless
50 Pack. Grab Gape Hook, Barbless. 50 Pack. Sproat Bend, D/E, 3X Strong, Barbless, Claw point. 50 Pack. Round bend, forged, down eye, 2x Long, Black Nickel
Fulling Mill 36040 Streamer Stripper Fulling Mill 35105 Competition Heavyweight Hook Barbless Fulling Mill Short Shank Barbless Black Nickel
25 Pack. Large gap, streamer hook 50 Pack. Short Shank Barbless Black Nickel, 35075. Nymphs & Emergers
Fulling Mill Short Shank Barbless Bronze Fulling Mill Bonio Barbless Carp Hook Fulling Mill Bonio Barbed Carp Hook
50 Pack. Short Shank Barbless Brass, 35070. Nymphs & Emergers Ultra-heavy wire, barbless, wide gap, 25 pack Ultra-heavy wire, wide gap, 25 pack
Fulling Mill 31160 Super Grub Hook Fulling Mill 31165 Super Heavyweight Grub Hook Fulling Mill 6050 Stealth Jig Hook
Standard wire, barbed, 50 pack 2x Heavy wire, barbed, 50 pack 90 degree jig hook, small barb, aberdeen bend 25/pack
Fulling Mill Tungsten Jig Back Fulling Mill 1130 - Light Weight Grub Hook - Bronze Fulling Mill 1270 - Living Larva Hook
Tungsten Jig Back A lightweight and yet strong grub hook, suitable for tying all lightweight nymphs, buzzers, dry flies and emergers. Particularly good for midge patterns as the size range from 12 to 22.
Featuring a special York bend the Fulling Mill Living Lava hook makes it an ideal style of hook for many different types of nymph, larvae and dry fly. This hook is especially good at tying klinkhammer style dry flies and nymph patterns like sedge pupa and stonefly imitations.
York bend, straight eye, 3 extra long, curved down shank, bronzed.
Pack of 50.
Fulling Mill 1530 - Competition Heavyweight Fulling Mill 1710 - Nymph Special Fulling Mill 5125 Jig Force Short Barbless Hook
The Fulling Mill Competition Heavyweight hook is an extremely versatile hook, suitable for tying wet fly, nymphs and lures. The heavy gauge wire offers extreme strength and reliability, a firm favorite among many competition anglers all around the world.
Sproat, D/E. 3x Strong, 1x Short.
Pack of 50.
The Fulling Mill Nymph Special hook is a 2x long shank that is ideal for tying anything that requires that little bit of extra space. This hook is ideal for both nymph imitations and dry flies and suits tying patterns from hare's ear nymphs and damsels to dry daddies and mayflies.
Round bend, forged, down eye, 2 extra long, bronzed.
Pack of 50.
Barbless black nickel short shank jig hook
Fulling Mill 5130 Jig Force Long Barbless Hook Fulling Mill 1310 - Down Eye Dry Hook Fulling Mill 5045 Jig Force Barbless Hook
Barbless black nickel long shank jig hook
With its slightly larger gape for increased hooking potential and forged wire for strength, the Fulling Mill down eye dry fly hook is one of the most popular all purpose dry fly hooks. This hook is suited to tying any dry fly from a Grey Wulff to a Bob's Bits.
Round bend, down eye, forged, 1 extra short, 2 extra fine wire, bronzed.
Pack of 50.
Barbless black nickel jig hook
Fulling Mill 1550 - All Purpose Medium
The Fulling Mill all purpose medium hook is a great compromise between fine wire and strength, making it suitable for a wide range of patterns. This hook is ideal for all your wet flies, lightweight nymphs and dry flies like hoppers or shuttlecocks.
Sproat, D/E, Standard wire
Pack of 50.