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UTC Ultra Wire Larva Lace LED Tungsten Stretch Lace
UTC Ultra Wire
Our Price: $1.75
Larva Lace LED
Our Price: $2.95
Tungsten Stretch Lace
Our Price: $2.99
UTC Ultra Wire Larva Lace LED is a wrappable lead strip product. 48" of 3/8" lead wrap.
Highly elastic .025 inch diameter, non-toxic Tungsten Stretch Lace material from Hareline is great for creating heavily weighted underbodies
Lead Wire Spool UNI Dubbing Brush Wire Lead Free Round Wire
Lead Wire Spool
Our Price: $3.99
UNI Dubbing Brush Wire
Our Price: $4.50
Lead Free Round Wire
Our Price: $5.50
Lead wire for adding extra weight to flies. Wire used to create your own dubbing brushes. Great for streamers or buggy flies of all kinds. Lead Free Round Wire
Fish-Skull Articulated Shank Senyo Intruder Trailer Hook Wire Articulated Fish Spines
Articulated Fish Spines
Our Price: $7.99
Great for use in all styles of articulated fly patterns including Intruder style salmon and steelhead patterns Trailer or stinger hook wire for intruder style patterns Fish spines are a way to create multi-articulated streamer or baitfish patterns. Made popular by the Game Changer pattern.
UTC Spool Box
UTC Spool Box
Our Price: $19.95
A great way to organize spooled materials and keep them from unraveling all over the place.