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Articulated Fish Spines Mirage Tinsel - Opal Sulky Holoshimmer Tinsel
Articulated Fish Spines
Our Price: $7.99
Mirage Tinsel - Opal
Our Price: $1.65
Fish spines are a way to create multi-articulated streamer or baitfish patterns. Made popular by the Game Changer pattern. The popular shiny, reflective mirage tinsel on a spool A popular holographic metallic tinsel used for ribbing or bodies
Sulky Metallic Tinsel UTC Spool Box Ice Blue Pearl Tinsel
Sulky Metallic Tinsel
Our Price: $4.75
UTC Spool Box
Our Price: $19.95
Ice Blue Pearl Tinsel
Our Price: $2.25
A popular flat metallic tinsel used for ribbing or bodies A great way to organize spooled materials and keep them from unraveling all over the place. A cool blue pearl tinsel for under-bodies, flash backs or wrap over wire, quill etc for a flashy look.
Perdigones Pearl Body Hend's Pearl Round Ribbing 8/0 UNI-Thread Waxed
Perdigones Pearl Body
Our Price: $2.95
Perfect tinsel for Perdigon bodies. 1/69", fine. A great pearlescent material for body ribbing or wrapping. Great for hotspots and chironomids too. UNI-Thread in 8/0. Waxed. Small diameter midge thread
Larva Lace LED SemperFli Nano Silk Ultra Fine 30D 18/0 SemperFli Nano Silk Ultra Fine 50D 12/0
Larva Lace LED
Our Price: $2.95
Larva Lace LED is a wrappable lead strip product. 48" of 3/8" lead wrap.
SemperFli Nano Silk Ultra Fine 30D 18/0 - Ultra Strong Gel Spun Polyethylene (GSP), Wide Variety of Colors. 50 yd spool. SemperFli Nano Silk Ultra Fine 50D 12/0 - Ultra Strong Gel Spun Polyethylene (GSP), Wide Variety of Colors. 50 yd spool.
Danville's Rayon 4 Strand Floss SemperFli Cheeky UV Tinsel Thread Magic Ultimate Thread Conditioner Combo Set
Rayon 4 Strand Floss Fluorescent tinsel Thread Conditioner
MFC Premium Fly Tying Thread 6/0 UNI-Thread Waxed Lead Wire Spool
6/0 UNI-Thread Waxed
Our Price: $3.25
Lead Wire Spool
Our Price: $3.99
MFC Premium Fly Tying Thread Popular UNI-Thread in 6/0. Waxed. Lead wire for adding extra weight to flies.
Pearsall's Gossamer Silk Thread Fish-Skull Articulated Shank Senyo Intruder Trailer Hook Wire
Silk Thread. 126 denier, 45 meter spool. Great for use in all styles of articulated fly patterns including Intruder style salmon and steelhead patterns Trailer or stinger hook wire for intruder style patterns
3/0 UNI-Thread Waxed UNI Dubbing Brush Wire Veevus Power Thread 140 Denier
3/0 UNI-Thread Waxed
Our Price: $2.50
UNI Dubbing Brush Wire
Our Price: $4.50
Popular UNI-Thread in 3/0. Waxed. Wire used to create your own dubbing brushes. Great for streamers or buggy flies of all kinds. Strong thread, great for streamers, buggers and other bigger patterns.
Veevus Power Thread 240 Denier UTC Ultra Wire Veevus Fly Tying Thread
UTC Ultra Wire
Our Price: $1.75
Veevus Fly Tying Thread
Our Price: $3.99
Big bad thick streamer and big fly thread UTC Ultra Wire Probably the best diameter to strength ratio out there. You need to try this!
Danville Flat Waxed Nylon Thread - 210 Denier Veevus Body Quill Veevus Holographic Tinsel
Veevus Body Quill
Our Price: $3.99
This is a great big fly thread. 210 denier and very strong.  100 yard spools Spooled twisted mylar fibers, great for ribbing or bodies Veevus Holographic Tinsel