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Fish Skull Living Eyes Fishize Realistic 3D Fish Eyes Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes
Fish Skull Living Eyes
Our Price: $3.50
Photo-realistic 3D Living Eyes, give life to your streamer, popper and other baitfish patterns. Realistic 3D Fish Eyes. Specially designed to fit in the sockets of the Double Barrel Popper bodies
Hends Booby Eyes Fish Skull Baitfish Heads Fish-Skull® Fish-Mask™
Hends Booby Eyes
Our Price: $3.25
Must-have for stillwater Booby flies and other similar flotation-enhanced flies like the FAB. Also good for traditional patterns. Specifically weighted and shaped baitfish heads for streamers and other baitfish style patterns. Lightweight molded clear baitfish head for streamers and baitfish patterns
Pocket Eye Coneheads Flat Stick On Eyes Wapsi Mono Eyes
Pocket Eye Coneheads
Our Price: $3.95
Flat Stick On Eyes
Our Price: $1.99
Wapsi Mono Eyes
Our Price: $2.75
Coneheads with a recessed pocked to add adhesive eyes. Eyes WITHOUT 3D coating Mono Eyes for Nymphs and Streamers
EP UV-X Crustacean Eyes Chicone's Stealth Bead Chain Eyes Hoppize Realistic Grasshopper Eyes
EP UV-X Crustacean Eyes
Our Price: $5.75
Epoxy Eyes Unique colors of Bead Chain Eyes Realistic Hopper Eyes from Montana Fly Company
Double Pupil Lead Eyes 3D Big Fish Eyes Fluorescent Fly Eyes
Double Pupil Lead Eyes
Our Price: $4.50
3D Big Fish Eyes
Our Price: $4.99
Fluorescent Fly Eyes
Our Price: $4.99
If you want heavy lead barbell eyes with some awesome colors in eyes and pupils, these are a great option. 10 per pack 3D Holographic eyes for bigger baitfish or streamer patterns. We love these ones! Bright and fluorescent fly eyes for streamers or baitfish
Bob Pop's Tungsten Jiggy Heads Epoxy Mono Crab or Shrimp Eyes Fish-Skull Sculpin Helmet
Tungsten Jig heads in the same of cones. Excellent for streamers. 10/pack Realistic and durable shrimp and crab eyes in a variety of colors. 6 pairs per pack A weighted sculpin-shaped "helmet" to give your fly both weight and a great sculpin likeness. 8 packs
Bead Chain Eyes Pseudo Barbell Eyes Tungsten Predator Eyes
Bead Chain Eyes
Our Price: $2.50
Pseudo Eyes
Our Price: $6.50
Tungsten Predator Eyes
Our Price: $8.99
Bead Chain Eyes are a great way to add a little bit of weight to your fly without going full-on brass barbell or conehead. Brass barbell eyes ready to roll with pupils and colored eyes. 12 per package Heavy tungsten barbell style eyes for quick sinking on streamers or buggers. 10 per pack.
BallZeyes Barbell Eyes 3D Holographic Eyes Sunken Barbell Eyes
Our Price: $5.50
3D Holographic Eyes
Our Price: $4.25
Sunken Barbell Eyes
Our Price: $5.50
Brass barbell eyes with nicely rounded edges for more of a 3D eyeball look. 12 per package 3D Holographic eyes for baitfish or streamer patterns. We love these ones! These sunken barbell eyes are recessed to allow for the secure placement of any eye of your choice. 20 per pack
Mono Nymph Eyes Lead Barbell Eyes
Mono Nymph Eyes
Our Price: $2.99
Lead Barbell Eyes
Our Price: $2.50
The mono nymph eyes work great for damsel and dragon fly nymphs or anything else with buggy eye needs. Lead barbell eyes, both plated (shiny) and plain (dull). 10 per pack