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Loon Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner Loon Ergo Bobbin TyWheel - Complete Set
Loon Ergo Bobbin
Our Price: $19.95
TyWheel - Complete Set
Our Price: $150.25
The ultimate dubbing spinner Ergonomic high quality bobbin from Loon Fly tying modular work station that centers around your vise.
Fly Tying Wax Skull Loon Ergo Whip Finisher Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit
Fly Tying Wax Skull
Our Price: $6.95
Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit
Our Price: $89.95
Fly tying wax in the shape of a skull for extra mojo An ergonomic handle on this whip finisher with the awesome cutting edge on the opposite end. Killer tool! The ultimate dubbing fly tying tool kit, full of high quality Loon tying products
SMHAEN Half Hitch Tool with Built-in Cutter Project Hopper Foam Body Cutter Set Pro Sportfisher Flexitube Tubefly Needles
High quality half-hitch tool in three sizes, all with built-in retractable cutter. All the cutters you need to cut body shapes for our popular Project Hopper Pattern. Pro Flexineedle. Tube fly tying needles. No adaptor needed
Stonfo Dubbing Brush Device Stonfo Turbo Dubbing Brush Spinner Dubbing Brush Table
Dubbing Brush Table
Our Price: $129.95
Special Shipping Cost: $21.00
Used with a rotary vise, quickly and easily create your own dubbing brushes Vise attachment to make your own dubbing brushes Easy-to-use hand-made table made to create custom dubbing brushes.  -- NOTE: Special Non-standard shipping item. Free Shipping does not apply
Tiemco Tying Brush UTC Spool Box Fly Tying Tool Stadium
Tiemco Tying Brush
Our Price: $29.95
UTC Spool Box
Our Price: $19.95
Fly Tying Tool Stadium
Our Price: $29.95
Smaller tipped brush to tease out dubbing and fibers on smaller areas or smaller patterns A great way to organize spooled materials and keep them from unraveling all over the place. An efficient way to store a variety of your tools. Back side is lifted for a sloped easier tool access.
TyWheel - Starter Set TyWheel - Independent Wheel Magnetic Fly Tying Pad
TyWheel - Starter Set
Our Price: $100.25
Magnetic Fly Tying Pad
Our Price: $49.95
Starter version of the popular Fly tying modular work station that centers around your vise. Just the wheel. You get the incorporated magnets and storage space. Add modules later A magnetic fly tying bench pad with hackle gauge, ruler and bead sizing chart.
Turbo Dubbing Spinner SF Fugly Packer Regal Vise Toolbar
Turbo Dubbing Spinner
Our Price: $15.99
SF Fugly Packer
Our Price: $31.99
Regal Vise Toolbar
Our Price: $40.00
This is the style dubbing spinner used to create the dubbing loops we feature on many of our videos. The head has three interchangeable attachments for different types of dubbing loops. It also doubles as a hair packer. Pat Cohen's ultra-awesome professional heavy duty hair packer. This is the only hair packer you need if you want to get tight packed results on your hair work. A toolbar that attaches to your vise stem.
Stonfo Elite Stainless Steel Bodkin Stonfo U-Shaped Bodkin Fiber Puller Loon Ergo Dubbing Brush
Loon Ergo Dubbing Brush
Our Price: $9.95
High quality and ergonomic bodkin A handly u-shaped curved bodkin tool for teasing dubbing or grabbing other fibers. A dubbing brush that means business on one end and comfort on the other.
Extended Body & Parachute Tool TyWheel - Trash Can Receptacle TyWheel - Tool Attachment
TyWheel - Tool Attachment
Our Price: $25.25
Attach to your vise for an extra "hand" to hold parachute posts or extended bodies for easier wrapping A handy trash receptacle for your TyWheel setup. A convenient tool tray for your TyWheel setup.
TyWheel - Shallow Tray Attachment TyWheel - Spool Attachment TyWheel - Deep Tray Attachment
A shallow bead/hook/material tray for your TyWheel setup. A spool holder attachment for your TyWheel setup. Attachment tray with deeper compartments for your TyWheel setup.