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Polish CDC TroutHunter Premium CDC TroutHunter Premium Bulk CDC
Polish CDC
Our Price: $6.95
TroutHunter Premium CDC
Our Price: $3.50
Some of the best CDC on the market. Hand-selected, high quality. TroutHunter CDC. 0.5 gram bag TroutHunter CDC. 3.5 gram bag
TroutHunter CDC Dubbing Bulk CDC Nature's Spirit CDC
TroutHunter CDC Dubbing
Our Price: $4.00
Nature's Spirit CDC
Our Price: $3.00
TroutHunter CDC Dubbing 0.5 gram bag Primo quality CDC. 3 Grams Waterproof and buoyant natural material for dry fly wings, bodies or even nymphs.
Nature's Spirit CDC Tufts
Small compact oiler tufts great for wing posts or wings. Use these instead of full sized CDC feathers on smaller emergers and dries.