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Gritty Tungsten Beads Hareline Mottled Tactical Tungsten Beads Plummeting Tungsten Beads
Gritty Tungsten Beads
Our Price: $7.25
Awesomely textured "gritty" tungsten beads Mottled matte finish on tungsten beads. Fast sinking tungsten beads with an awesome color selection
3D Articulation Beads Hareline Slotted Tungsten Beads Insta Jig Tungsten Head
3D Articulation Beads
Our Price: $4.50
Insta Jig Tungsten Head
Our Price: $5.25
3D Articulation Beads. 30 beads per package Slotted Tungsten Beads for jig style and other nymphs. 20 per pack. Turn any hook into a jig style hook with these offset tungsten heads.
Fish Skull Baitfish Heads Cyclops Brass Beads Fish-Skull® Fish-Mask™
Cyclops Brass Beads
Our Price: $3.25
Specifically weighted and shaped baitfish heads for streamers and other baitfish style patterns. A lighter and less expensive alternative to tungsten Lightweight molded clear baitfish head for streamers and baitfish patterns
Pocket Eye Coneheads Fish Skull Shrimp & Cray Tails Double Pupil Lead Eyes
Pocket Eye Coneheads
Our Price: $3.95
Double Pupil Lead Eyes
Our Price: $4.50
Coneheads with a recessed pocked to add adhesive eyes. Weighted shrimp and cray tails If you want heavy lead barbell eyes with some awesome colors in eyes and pupils, these are a great option. 10 per pack
Nymph-Head Evolution Stonefly Tungsten Beads Tungsten Cones Nymph-Head Evolution Mayfly Swimmer & Burrower Tungsten Beads
Tungsten Cones
Our Price: $7.50
Next generation of nymph beads. Molded into a crafty stonefly shape Heavy, fast sinking tungsten cones for you streamers and buggers. 10 Pack. Next generation of nymph beadheads. Molded into a slick mayfly shape.
Nymph-Head Evolution Mayfly Clinger & Crawler Tungsten Beads Hareline Tyer's Glass Beads Plastic Fly Rattle
Tyer's Glass Beads
Our Price: $2.25
Plastic Fly Rattle
Our Price: $4.99
Next generation of nymph beadheads. Molded into a slick mayfly shape. Hareline Tyer's Glass Beads Add sound to your patterns with this durable and noisy plastic rattle.
Dazzle Brass Beads Rainbow Brass Cones Fish-Skull Sculpin Helmet
Dazzle Brass Beads
Our Price: $4.50
Rainbow Brass Cones
Our Price: $5.99
Countersunk brass beads in a multitude of colors. Brass cones with psychedelic rainbow hues. A weighted sculpin-shaped "helmet" to give your fly both weight and a great sculpin likeness. 8 packs
Tungsten Beads Pseudo Barbell Eyes Tungsten Predator Eyes
Tungsten Beads
Our Price: $3.75
Pseudo Eyes
Our Price: $6.50
Tungsten Predator Eyes
Our Price: $8.99
Tungsten ball beads. 25 beads per pack.
Brass barbell eyes ready to roll with pupils and colored eyes. 12 per package Heavy tungsten barbell style eyes for quick sinking on streamers or buggers. 10 per pack.
Brass Cone Heads BallZeyes Barbell Eyes Sunken Barbell Eyes
Brass Cone Heads
Our Price: $4.50
Our Price: $5.50
Sunken Barbell Eyes
Our Price: $5.50
Brass cone heads for a streamlined way to get buggers and streamers down where you need them. 24 per pack Brass barbell eyes with nicely rounded edges for more of a 3D eyeball look. 12 per package These sunken barbell eyes are recessed to allow for the secure placement of any eye of your choice. 20 per pack
Articulation Beads Brass Barbell w/eyes Brass Ball Beads
Articulation Beads
Our Price: $1.95
Brass Barbell w/eyes
Our Price: $9.50
Brass Ball Beads
Our Price: $2.99
These are the beads we use on several of our articulated patterns, including the popular Cheech Leech. 6mm diameter, 20 beads per pack. Brass Barbell w/eyes. 25 per bag! Brass Ball Beads. 25 per pack.