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Airlock Strike Indicators Tiemco Dry Magic Slip Indicators
Tiemco Dry Magic
Our Price: $14.49
Slip Indicators
Our Price: $5.95
Airlock Strike Indicator, 3 pack. A unique silicone floatant that works wonders on all dry flies, including CDC. Slip Indicator, strike indicators.
Loon Dust Super Doux Split Shot Loon Top Ride Powder Floatant & Desiccant
Loon Dust
Our Price: $5.50
Super Doux Split Shot
Our Price: $5.95
Powder floatant with applicator brush Various selections of Super Doux split shot containers and sizes A powder floatant and desiccant for floating flies all day long
Loon Blue Ribbon Floatant Powder Loon Payette Paste Loon Royal Gel
Loon Payette Paste
Our Price: $5.50
Loon Royal Gel
Our Price: $5.50
A powder-based floatant perfect for CDC and other delicate dry fly materials. Won't leave residue! Excellent paste flotant that works flies but also lines, leaders and tippets A gel floatant that adds a little shimmer to flies.
FIshpond Floatant Bottle Holder Umpqua Shimazaki Dry Shake Tiemco Dry Shake Primer
Tiemco Dry Shake Primer
Our Price: $12.49
Secure your floatant with this colorful clip-on holder. Fits most  bottles like Aquel, Lochsa and Gink Great for drying or reconditioning flies Pre-treat flies you use with Dry Shake to make the Dry Shake more effective and last longer.
Frog's Fanny Gehrke's Gink Loon Easy Dry
Frog's Fanny
Our Price: $5.95
Gehrke's Gink
Our Price: $5.50
Loon Easy Dry
Our Price: $7.50
Dry fly desiccant to be used to aid in drying. Dry fly floatant. Color changing shake-to-dry treatment for flies
Pat Dorsey's Yarn Indicator Loon Bioglow Indicator Putty Loon Aquel Floatant
Loon Bioglow
Our Price: $7.95
Loon Aquel Floatant
Our Price: $5.50
Pat Dorsey's Yarn Indicator Loon Bioglow Indicator Putty (1 oz) Loon Aquel Floatant
Loon Lochsa Floatant (1/2 oz) Loon Hydrostop Loon Biostrike Indicator Putty
Loon Hydrostop
Our Price: $7.50
Loon Biostrike
Our Price: $7.50
Loon Lochsa Floatant. Quite possibly one of the best floatants on the planet. It's a gel-based floatant that even works on CDC. We're believers! Permanent Dry Fly floatant treatment Loon Biostrike Indicator Putty