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Articulated Fish Spines Fish Skull Shrimp & Cray Tails Super Flush Cutter Pliers
Articulated Fish Spines
Our Price: $7.99
Super Flush Cutter Pliers
Our Price: $11.99
Fish spines are a way to create multi-articulated streamer or baitfish patterns. Made popular by the Game Changer pattern. Weighted shrimp and cray tails A perfect tool for cutting articuation wire, lead wire, regular wire, dubbing brush wire etc.
Fish-Skull Articulated Shank Articulation Beads
Articulation Beads
Our Price: $1.95
Great for use in all styles of articulated fly patterns including Intruder style salmon and steelhead patterns These are the beads we use on several of our articulated patterns, including the popular Cheech Leech. 6mm diameter, 20 beads per pack.