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82615   Pink Head Mary (TBH) B/L
85505   Pink Hot Spot Jig B/L
85530   Pink Tag Jig B/L
PFR   Plastic Fly Rattle
PT   Plummeting Tungsten Beads
70140   PMX Royal
EYCP   Pocket Eye Coneheads
U1330   Pocket Water Baetis (Tungsten)
FLA20   Polar Flash
PRC   Polar Reflector Flash Chenille
PCDC   Polish CDC
WPY   Polypropylene Floating Yarn (Carded)
PDH   Premo Deer Hair Strips
14557   Prince Nymph
10600   Pro Sportfisher American Opossum
10304   Pro Sportfisher Classic Tubing
102001   Pro Sportfisher Dropweights
101003   Pro Sportfisher Flexitube
10200   Pro Sportfisher Flexiweights
10110G   Pro Sportfisher Gammarus (Scud) Backs
10300   Pro Sportfisher Hookguides
1050   Pro Sportfisher Junglecock HD
10600M   Pro Sportfisher Marblefox
1011   Pro Sportfisher Mayfly Clinger Backs
101005   Pro Sportfisher Microtube
101006   Pro Sportfisher Nanotube
10201   Pro Sportfisher Pro Cone
10000100   Pro Sportfisher Pro Tube Starter Kit
10300S   Pro Sportfisher Soft Sonic Disks
10302   Pro Sportfisher Softhead
10301   Pro Sportfisher Sonicdisc
10110   Pro Sportfisher Stonefly Backs
10500   Pro Sportfisher Tabbed Eye
10400   Pro Sportfisher Tubefly Needles
10202   Pro Sportfisher Tungsten Raw Weights
10700   Pro Sportfisher Ultrasonic Disks
74085   Project Cicada
7410006   Project Cricket - 6
PLC   Pseudo Eyes
011660   Psyco Prince Green
011650   Psyco Prince Yellow
QCWHPF   Quick Cut Whip Finisher
012869   Quick Sight Ant Black B/E
012865   Quick Sight Ant Brown B/E
041069   Quick Sight Beetle
85545   Quill Jig B/L
74505   Quill Plume Tip B/L
RZS18   Rabbit Zonker Strips
RC   Rainbow Brass Cones
RBWSCD   Rainbow Scud Dub
RNCROSS   Rainy's Cross-Link Sheet Foam
EVAZ   Rainy's Evazote Foam
RFF   Rainy's Float Foam
BP013   Rainy's Pre-Shaped Bass Pops
RTUBB   Rainy's Tube Bodiz, Stonefly
RBFS   Rattle Bass Fangs Scissors
FFFRBASS   Rattle Bass T-Shirt
U1485   Ray Charles - Gray
U1486   Ray Charles - Tan
RZF   Razor Foam
70005   Red Humpy
83025   Red Mirage Zebra Midge
82590   Red Neck (TBH) B/L
70075   Red Wulff
83048   Red/Copper Zebra Midge (TBH)
83049   Red/Silver Zebra Midge (TBH)
BUTTER   Redington Butter Stick Fiberglass Fly Rod
RECRX   Redington Crosswater Fly Rod Combo
HYDG   Redington Hydrogen Fly Rod
RD-PLXB   Redington Palix River Boots
RD-PLXW   Redington Palix River Waders
REPATH   Redington Path Fly Rod
RE-ZERO   Redington Zero Fly Reel
83030   Redneck Midge
BHX   Regal Bobbin Holder
HG   Regal Medallion Big Game Head
RCR-4   Regal Medallion Rotary Clamp
RPBR-10P   Regal Medallion Rotary w/ Pocket Base
STNSBMM-40P   Regal Medallion Vise with Stainless Steel Jaws
RHM   Regal Midge Head (for Medallion)
200-HG   Regal Revolution Head with Big Game Jaws
200-HSTNS   Regal Revolution Head with Stainless Steel Jaws
200-30   Regal Revolution Stainless Steel C-Clamp
200-40P   Regal Revolution Vise - Stainless Steel Jaw
200-28P   Regal Revolution Vise with Big Game Jaws
200-10P   Regal Revolution Vise with Regular Jaw
HSTNS   Regal Stainless Steel Head (for Medallion)
TRA-50   Regal Travel Vise
77-Tbar   Regal Vise Toolbar
060690   Reiner's Pink Pookie
60690   Reiner's Pink Pookie
6069010   Reiner's Pink Pookie - 10
6069008   Reiner's Pink Pookie - 8
1310   Renegade
X8111   Renzetti C-Clamp for Traveler Series
HT551   Renzetti Curved Blade Serrated Scissors
HT311   Renzetti Disposable Bobbin Threaders
RZ310   Renzetti Foam Tool Caddy
HT552   Renzetti Long Blade Serrated Scissors
HT203   Renzetti Magnum Hair Stacker
M6004   Renzetti Master Vise
X8006   Renzetti Material Clip
X8076   Renzetti Material Clip for Master Vise
HT101   Renzetti Midge Bobbin - Teflon-Lined Ruby Tip
HT201   Renzetti Midge Hair Stacker
P2004   Renzetti Presentation 2000 Vise
C4010-R   Renzetti Presentation Vise 4000 (Pedestal, RH)
HT502   Renzetti R-Evolution Hair Stacker - Magnum
HT501   Renzetti R-Evolution Hair Stacker - Std
HT107   Renzetti Saltwater Bobbin - Ruby Tip
HT550   Renzetti Short Serrated Scissors
HT106   Renzetti Standard Bobbin - Ruby Tip
HT202   Renzetti Standard Hair Stacker
HT108   Renzetti SW Midge Bobbin - Ruby Tip Teflon Lined
RNZCCL   Renzetti Traveler C-Clamp Vise
C2003-R   Renzetti Traveler Vise 2000 (Pedestal)
C2202-R   Renzetti Traveler Vise 2200 (C-Clamp, RH)
C2203-R   Renzetti Traveler Vise 2200 (Pedestal, RH)
X8049   Renzetti Vise Backdrop Attachment
FISH55   RepYourWater Best Catch Hat
WNBC51   RepYourWater Bonneville Cutthroat Hat
BRSK51   RepYourWater Brook Trout Skin Hat
BRSK65   RepYourWater Brook Trout Skin Knit Hat
BNSK65   RepYourWater Brown Trout Skin Beanie
BNSK51   RepYourWater Brown Trout Skin Hat
CTSK65   RepYourWater Cutthroat Skin Knit Hat
CTSK51   RepYourWater Cutthrout Skin Hat
UTAR55   RepYourWater Utah Full Cloth Hat
UTAR51   RepYourWater Utah Mesh-Back Hat
090160   Rickard's A.P. Emerger 1 Grey
090170   Rickard's A.P. Emerger 2 Olive
90170   Rickard's A.P. Emerger 2 Olive
9017010   Rickard's A.P. Emerger 2 Olive - 10
9017008   Rickard's A.P. Emerger 2 Olive - 8
160540   Rickard's Seal Bugger 1
160550   Rickard's Seal Bugger 2
160560   Rickard's Seal Bugger 3
160570   Rickard's Seal Bugger 4
82510   Riffle Nymph Black (TBH)
82505   Riffle Nymph Copper (TBH)
PHSKIN   Ringneck Pheasant Skin
RNGPT   Ringneck Pheasant Tail
R-ENL   RIO Euro Nymph Leader
RFPT   RIO Fluoroflex Plus Tippet
RIOFTL   RIO Fluoroflex Tapered Leader
RIO-G   Rio Gold - Floating Fly Line
R-RG   Rio Grand - Fly Line
R-ITCAMO   Rio InTouch - Camolux Intermediate Sink Line
R-IT3   Rio InTouch - Deep 3 Sinking Line
R-MTL   Rio InTouch - Midge Tip - Long
R-MAIN   Rio Mainstream Trout WF - Floating Fly Line
RPTM   RIO Powerflex Tippet
RIOTL   RIO Powerflex Trout Tapered Leader
RIOTL3   RIO Powerflex Trout Tapered Leader - 3 Pack
RTR   RIO Tippet Rings
RITM   RIO Two-Tone Indicator Tippet
RIP   Ripple Ice Fiber
RSGB10   Rising Brookie Net - 10" Handle
RSGL24   Rising Lunker Net - 24" Handle
RUNH   Rising Universal Net Holster
RB3   Rite Bobbin - Cermag
RB5   Rite Bobbin - Half-Hitch
RB1   Rite Bobbin - Shorty
RB2   Rite Bobbin - Standard
82625   Robinson Special (TBH) B/L
RRUBLG   Round Rubber Legs
70020   Royal Humpy
70160   Royal Trude
82700   Rubber Grub (TBH) B/L
133   Ruby Eyed Leech Black/Red
SWFPOP   Salt Water and Bass Foam Poppers
JBS   Saltwater Blados Crease Fly Cutter
FLA16   Saltwater Flashabou
RZSWB   Saltwater Renzetti Traveler w/ Base
SSNDUB   Salty Snack Dubbing
SCHLP   Schlappen
2FRX02   Schmidt Viking Midge Tan
9R5X10   Schmidt's Junk Yard Dog Black
9R5X08   Schmidt's Junk Yard Dog Olive
9R5X01   Schmidt's Junk Yard Dog Tan
169   Schroeder's Parachute Hopper Tan
5C9502   Schultzys Sculpin - Brown
5C9521   Schultzys Sculpin Olive
SA-AWF   Scientific Anglers AirCel Trout Fly Line
SA20B-100   Scientific Anglers Dacron Backing
SA-WMPX   Scientific Anglers Wavelength MPX Fly Line
SA-WTROUT   Scientific Anglers Wavelength Trout Fly Line
U1334   Screaming Banshee - Brown
U1335   Screaming Banshee - Olive
SCUDB   Scud Back
SCUDDB   Scud Dub
SCUDIS   Scud Dub Dispenser
SEA   Sea Hair
NS-18-0   SemperFli Nano Silk Ultra Fine 30D 18/0
NS-12-0   SemperFli Nano Silk Ultra Fine 50D 12/0
SIW   Senyo Intruder Trailer Hook Wire
SENYO   Senyo Laser Yarn Dubbing
DUB30   Senyo Laser Yarn Dubbing Dispenser
SSD   Senyo Shaggy Dub
SA   Senyo's Aqua Veil Chenille

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