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Pro Sportfisher Flexitube Tubefly Needles Pro Sportfisher Flexitube Tubefly Needles Pro Sportfisher Flexitube Pro Sportfisher Nanotube
Pro Flexineedle. Tube fly tying needles. No adaptor needed If you want to break into tying tubes, this is a great option. Assorted 50 pieces of tubes, cones, discs and hook guides. Dual diameter tubing for tube flies. Smaller version of the Microtube for smaller flies
Pro Sportfisher Pro Cone Pro Sportfisher Hookguides Pro Sportfisher Tungsten Raw Weights Pro Sportfisher Ultrasonic Disks
Cone heads for your tube flies Tapered junction tube to hold your hook in place Rounded and polished tungsten "donuts" for your tubes Vented tube discs for both weight and water disruption
Pro Sportfisher Junglecock HD Pro Sportfisher Soft Sonic Disks Pro Sportfisher Flexiweights Pro Sportfisher Dropweights
Synthetic substitute for the real jungle cock feather Soft flexible, vented tube discs for water disruption Weighted tube "sleeves" to add weight to classic and flexitubes Tapered chrome plated brass weights for tubes
Pro Sportfisher Sonicdisc Pro Sportfisher Nanotube Partridge NTS Nordic Tube Hook Pro Sportfisher Microtube
Soft reinforced plastic, vented tube discs for both bulk and water disruption A plastic soft head for use with tube fly patterns Modified Sproat bend, wide gape, x-strong hook, ideal for salmon, sea trout and steelhead tube patterns. Black Nickel Finish / Straight-Eye. Trimmable tubes with a tapered collar for hook guide attachment
Pro Sportfisher Classic Tubing Pro Sportfisher Tabbed Eye Canadian Tube Fly Ultralight Monster Cones Canadian Tube Fly Plastic Tubes
Standard, customizable tubes in a variety of colors 3D realistic eyes with a tab for a secure tie-in point. Add some flash to your tube flies without adding a ton of weight. Each package comes with 10 cones Plastic tubes are the core piece of most any tube fly pattern
HMH Plastic Tubes HMH Starter Tube Fly Tying Kit Hook Holder Junction Tubing Tube Cone Heads
HMH Plastic Tubes
Our Price: $5.85
Tube Cone Heads
Our Price: $3.75
Standard length plastic tubing for tying tube flies. Junction tubing included. This kit is an economical and easy way to get into tying Tube Flies. If you haven't tried tubes, it's time to do it! Hook holder tubing is used to join the tube fly to the hook. Small size best for micro or small plastic tubes Large Center Diameter to fit over plastic tubes
Hook Holder Junction Tubing - Large
Hook holder tubing is used to join the tube fly to the hook. Large size best for regular and colored plastic tubes