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Loon Rogue Quick Draw Forceps RIO Tippet Rings Tie-Fast Combo Tool Fly Snare Knot Tool
RIO Tippet Rings
Our Price: $6.95
Tie-Fast Combo Tool
Our Price: $18.95
Fly Snare Knot Tool
Our Price: $9.95
The ultimate hemostat with an innovative carabiner finger loop Tippet rings are a great way to extend the life of your leaders and tippets. Very popular with Euro style nymphing. Multi-purpose knot tyer, clipper and hook sharpener tool A tool that greatly simplifies tying your fly to your tippet or leader - 2 Sizes
Cortland Tippet Rings Tie-Fast Knot Tying Tool Ketchum Release Tool Loon Rogue Spring Creek Forceps
Cortland Tippet Rings
Our Price: $6.95
Ketchum Release Tool
Our Price: $19.95
Tippet rings are a great way to extend the life of your leaders and tippets. Very popular with Euro style nymphing. Black Nickle Quickly and easily tie nail knots, modified blood knots and others. The original hook removal release tool Lightweight, efficient, high quality forceps.
Aquaseal Wader Repair Bob's Tactical Curved Hemostats Bob's Tactical Hemostats 4" 90 Degree Tweezers
Aquaseal Wader Repair
Our Price: $7.99
90 Degree Tweezers
Our Price: $10.95
Flexible, waterproof and clear adhesive to repair waders or other fabrics. Quite possibly the most durable and functional hemostats you'll ever own. Over-sized holes for glove-friendliness. 6"  Fly Fish Food Logo Edition A compact pair of 4" hemostats great for de-barbing even the smallest flies. Fly Fish Food Logo Edition Fly Fish Food Logo Edition 90 Degree Tweezers.
Big Nippa, Fly Fish Food Edition Ultralight Hemosta Plier Loon Nail Knotter Fly Tying Spool Hands
Our Price: $19.95
Loon Nail Knotter
Our Price: $7.50
Spool Tamers
Our Price: $3.95
Fly Fish Food Logo Edition Big Nippa. Lightweight 6" hemostat/pliers great for de-barbing flies and cutting tippetts or lines. Fly Fish Food Logo Edition A slick and easy tool for tying nail knots as well as other style knots Get your wires, tinsels and other material spools under control with these fly tying spool hands. 5 pack
Loon UV Wader Repair Dr. Slick Barb Crushing Scissor Clamp Loon Nip n' Sip 2.0 Loon Rogue Nippers
Loon UV Wader Repair
Our Price: $8.50
Loon Nip n' Sip 2.0
Our Price: $34.95
Loon Rogue Nippers
Our Price: $7.95
Quickly fix pinhole leads, small tears and other damage to waders Multi-purpose tool to crimp barbs, flatten out materials like lead-free wire etc. Also includes a heavy duty cutter for thicker material like wire. Removable stainless steel cutting jaws capable of cutting even the heaviest line. Precision Nippers with matte black finish and textured surface for added grip.
Tippet Stack Magnetic Net Release Loon Spring Creek Forceps Loon Essentials Kit
Tippet Stack
Our Price: $15.95
Magnetic Net Release
Our Price: $24.95
Loon Spring Creek Forceps
Our Price: $14.95
Loon Essentials Kit
Our Price: $29.95
The most convenient and versatile way to store tippet! Magnetic net release with lanyard. Lightweight and perfectly sized hemostats, including comfy grip. Essential Fly Fishing Accessories in one kit
Loon Micro Scissor Forceps Loon Zinger
Loon Zinger
Our Price: $9.95
Strong and durable hemostats complete with a cutting edge (3 1/2 inches) Small and compact zinger with retractable coated steel cable and heavy duty clip fastener allowing twenty inches of freedom.