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Stonefly Chenille Holographic Cactus Chenille Ultra Chenille - Micro
Stonefly Chenille
Our Price: $2.95
Ultra Chenille - Micro
Our Price: $2.25
The original chenille from Lance Egan's favorite Euro nymph stonefly pattern. Small size chenille, various colors
The popular Cactus Chenille with a lot of flash and some holographic tinsel fibers added for more flashiness and sparkle. A great option to tie the Blingnobyl Ant Micro diameter, plush, dense chenille-like material, also known as Vernille. 5 yds per package. Used in patterns such as San Juan Worms, but specifically used in our Palomino Caddis pattern
Mop Bodies Micro Lucent Chenille Montana Fly Company Lucent Chenille
Mop Bodies
Our Price: $2.45
Micro Lucent Chenille
Our Price: $3.95
Lucent Chenille
Our Price: $2.95
If you want to get dirty and nasty with mop flies without spending time finding and paying for a full mop, these are the ones you want. A flashy but small chenille great for smaller size flies like 12's and 14's. Montana Fly Company Lucent Chenille
Chocklett's Filler Flash Polar Reflector Flash Chenille Frizzle Chenille
Frizzle Chenille
Our Price: $2.85
Flashy cord-bound synthetic chenille type material Flashy mirror reflective chenille material to spruce up streamers, buggers and salt water patterns Full-body dense synthetic fiber chenille with mylar
Wooly Bugger Chenille Ice Chenille Palmer Chenille
Wooly Bugger Chenille
Our Price: $2.45
Ice Chenille
Our Price: $3.95
Palmer Chenille
Our Price: $2.45
Great style antron chenille for Wooly buggers and other patterns. Translucent and a great flashy material. Perfect for buggers, blobs and other patterns Palmer Chenille. Longer fiber, flashy and durable material for bodies, collars and ribbing on bass, pike, saltwater and streamer patterns.
Sparkle Emerger Yarn Polypropylene Floating Yarn (Carded) Speckled Chenille
Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Our Price: $2.45
Speckled Chenille
Our Price: $2.50
Sparkle Emerger Yarn A carded length of 15 feet polypropylene yarn. Great for indicator posts, wings etc. Speckled Chenille
Senyo's Aqua Veil Chenille Micro UV Polar Chenille Chenille - Fine
Micro UV Polar Chenille
Our Price: $2.85
Chenille - Fine
Our Price: $2.95
Long fiber chenille with plenty of flash. Great for streamers, salmon and steelhead patterns Micro version of the standard UV Polar Chenille. Great for smaller nymphs and buggers Small (fine) size, standard rayon chenille
Variegated Chenille UV Polar Chenille UNI Mohair
Variegated Chenille
Our Price: $2.95
UV Polar Chenille
Our Price: $2.85
UNI Mohair
Our Price: $2.25
A great barred colored chenille UV Polar Chenille is a long strand chenille with translucent fibers that have great movement and flash in the water. A great shortcut material for leech or nymph bodies
Chocklett's Body Wrap Medium UV Polar Chenille Chenille - Medium
Chocklett's Body Wrap
Our Price: $6.95
Chenille - Medium
Our Price: $2.45
Bound, cord-fused synthetic fibers great for bodies, ribbing, collars etc. Medium version of the standard UV Polar Chenille. Most popular size, standard rayon chenille
Chenille - Large Ultra Chenille McFly Foam
Chenille - Large
Our Price: $2.45
Ultra Chenille
Our Price: $1.60
McFly Foam
Our Price: $3.95
Large size, standard rayon chenille Regular diameter, plush, dense chenille-like material, also known as Vernille. 5 yds per package. Used in patterns such as San Juan Worms, but specifically used in our Palomino Caddis pattern Long fibers of foamy yarny goodness. Great for egg patterns and others
Canadian Brown Mohair Yarn Antron Yarn Cactus Chenille
Antron Yarn
Our Price: $2.25
Cactus Chenille
Our Price: $3.50
The famous Canadian Brown mohair dubbing, yarn style, ready to wrap. A versatile synthetic yarn good for wings, shucks, posts and legs. Spooled and ready to use. Cactus Chenille is a great sparkley way to add flash to your patterns that would normally call for regular Chenille. We use this in the effective Blingnobyl Ant pattern. See below for a video tutorial.