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Whiting 4B Schlappen/Bugger Saddle Whiting American Rooster Saddle Schlappen
Our Price: $6.95
A streamer or bugger tyer's dream! A full saddle of high quality schlappen and bugger feathers The ideal long feather for streamers, saltwater, steelhead or other big game species fly patterns. Schlappen is a great all-around material for wings, tails, palmered bodies and throats.
Whiting Super Bou Marabou Strung Chinese Saddle Hackle
Whiting Super Bou
Our Price: $6.95
More movement and durability than regular marabou. Saddle hackle with fairly thin, non-webby fibers. Strung Marabou from Spirit River.
Wooly Bugger Marabou Nature's Spirit Prime Marabou - Long Grizzly Marabou
Wooly Bugger Marabou
Our Price: $2.90
Grizzly Marabou
Our Price: $4.25
Wooly Bugger Marabou Prime quality marabou in longer lengths for bigger buggers, streamers and palmering. Marabou with grizzly barring
Grizzly Variant Neck Hackle Spirit River Schlappen Nature's Spirit Strung Marabou
Spirit River Schlappen
Our Price: $5.75
Grizzly barred neck hackles for saltwater flies, hackled collars or stillwater patterns Spirit River Schlappen Luscious locks of super-high quality marabou. The best there is.
Nature's Spirit Premium Bugger Bou Nature's Spirit Barred Blood Marabou
UV2 Marabou
Our Price: $4.00
More fluff than strung marabou in shorter more dense feathers. Great for buggers, leeches and marabou bodies. A colorful barred variation on the quality blood marabou. UV2 Marabou from Spirit River.
Nature's Spirit Strung Schlappen
Strung schlappen great for palmering streamers or adding collars to steelhead flies.