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SF Fugly Packer Renzetti Magnum Hair Stacker
Turbo Dubbing Spinner
Our Price: $15.00
SF Fugly Packer
Our Price: $28.95
This is the style dubbing spinner used to create the dubbing loops we feature on many of our videos. The head has three interchangeable attachments for different types of dubbing loops. It also doubles as a hair packer. Pat Cohen's ultra-awesome professional heavy duty hair packer. This is the only hair packer you need if you want to get tight packed results on your hair work. Magnum sized, smooth brass barrel hair stacker. 5/8" OD and 2" length barrel
Renzetti Standard Hair Stacker Renzetti R-Evolution Hair Stacker - Std Renzetti R-Evolution Hair Stacker - Magnum
Standard sized, smooth brass barrel hair stacker. 7/16" OD and 1 3/4" length barrel A quality stacker designed by Pat Ehlers. Wide mouth, non-rolling design A quality stacker designed by Pat Ehlers. Wide mouth, non-rolling design
Petitjean Magic Tool Stacker Renzetti Midge Hair Stacker C&F Design Tying Comb
C&F Design Tying Comb
Our Price: $24.95
This is an innovative tool to be used with the Magic Tool set. It can evenly stack feathers or other fibers. Smooth brass barrel hair stacker. 1/4" OD and 1" length barrel A fine-tooth, high quality comb to remove underfur or comb out materials.
Peak Hex Hair Stacker Brassie Hair Packer
Peak Hex Hair Stacker
Our Price: $14.95
Hair Stacker
Our Price: $10.60
Brassie Hair Packer
Our Price: $4.95
High quality, non-static hair stacker. Aluminum Hair Stacker You won't find a more cost-effective yet useful way to pack your deer or elk hair for stacked or spun hair patterns. Made from tempered brass, 1 packer per package.
Double Edge Razor Blades
Super-sharp double edge razor blades for your hair and fiber slicing needs. 5 blades per pack