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Fulling Mill Ultimate Dry Fly Hook, Barbless Fulling Mill Grab Gape Hook, Barbless Fulling Mill Heavyweight Champ, Barbless
50 Pack. Ultimate Dry Fly Hook, Barbless 50 Pack. Grab Gape Hook, Barbless. 50 Pack. Sproat Bend, D/E, 3X Strong, Barbless, Claw point.
Daiichi 1182 - Low Vis Dry Fly Hook Gamakatsu R18-B Hook TMC Tiemco 100 Dry Fly Hook
TMC 100 Dry Fly Hook
Our Price: $7.25
Daiichi 1182 - Low Vis Dry Fly Hook -- Down Eye, Mini-barb. 25 pack. Gamakatsu R18-B Hook, multi-purpose hook with retainer bend. One of the "standards" for tying dry flies. Down eye.
Daiichi 4647 - 60 deg, Euro Nymph Jig Hook 419 Firehole Sticks Dry Fly 316 Nymph & Emerger
Daiichi 4647 Specialty jig hook for Euro nymph style flies. 15 pack. 36 pack, Dry Fly, 2X Wide Gape, Light Wire 36 pack, Nymph, Emerger, 2X Wide Gape Medium Wire
Hanak H 130 BL Dry Fly Hook Firehole Sticks 413 Dry Fly, Wide Gape TMC Tiemco 5212 Stonefly and Terrestrial hook
Extra long bent-in needle point, straight fine wire, black nickel, barbless. 25 per pack 36 pack, Dry, Emerger, 2X Short, 3X Wide Gape, Medium Wire A perfect hook for stoneflies, hoppers and other terrestrials
Daiichi 1150 - Scud & Chironomid Daiichi 1110 Partridge Patriot Ideal Dry - Barbless
Daiichi 1150 for scuds, shrimp, chironomids and nymphs in general. 25 pack. Daiichi 1110 - Wide Gape Dry Fly Hook -- Straight Eye. 25 pack. Barbless & "Captain Hamilton" bend with longer shank for upwing and loop-wing patterns.  Barbless
TMC Tiemco 101 Dry Fly Hook Umpqua U103 Nymph & Streamer Hook - 50 pack Daiichi 1140
TMC 101 Dry Fly Hook
Our Price: $7.25
Dry flies or nymphs, 1X fine. Straight eye. 50 Pack of hooks. 1X Strong Wire, 2X Long - Nymphs & Streamers Daiichi 1140 specialty wide gap, up-eye hook. 25 pack.
Umpqua U201 Midge & Pupa Hook - 50 pack Umpqua U203 Long Curved Hook - 50 pack Umpqua U002 Dry Fly Hook - 50 pack
50 Pack of hooks. Curved, Straight Eye, 2X Short, Reversed Bend 50 Pack of hooks. Curved, Straight Eye, 3X Long 50 Pack of hooks. Standard Wire, Down Eye - Dry Flies
Gamakatsu C13U Keel Balance Hook Gamakatsu C12-BM Barbless Midge Hook Gamakatsu S10 Executive Series Dry Fly Hook
Keel style dry fly, emerger or chironomid hook. Executive series, large eye midge hook. Really small stuff with an eye big enough to thread tippet. Down eye, dry fly. Our favorite dry fly hook.
Gamakatsu S10S Straight Eye Dry Fly Hook Daiichi 1167 Black Nickel Klinkhamer Daiichi 1160
Straight eye, dry fly hook. Sharp and fishy. The popular Klinkhamer style hook in a black nickel finish. Ninja style! Daiichi 1160, Klinkhamer style hook. 25 pack. Great for dry fly or emerger patterns as well as caddis patterns.
Daiichi 1730 Daiichi 1180 Daiichi 1280
Daiichi 1730 - Bent Shank Nymph Hook. Round bend, Down Eye, 1X Heavy Wire. 25 pack. Daiichi 1180 - Standard Dry Fly Hook -- Down Eye. 25 pack. Daiichi 1280 - 2X Long Dry Fly Hook. Round Bend, Down Eye 25 pack.